Contractor Accountancy

Thank you for your answers. Taking your circumstances into consideration, it looks like the most suitable service for you is our Contractor Accountancy service.

Contractor Accountancy is our market-leading offering that goes further than your typical accountancy service.  Our range of packages, tailored specifically for Contractors, is a full accountancy service providing all the benefits of operating with your own Limited Company, and includes a host of additional extras that you need when working as a Contractor:

We provide you with our Walker Smith Health & Discounts plan (on our Plus and Premium packages) and offer full Professional Indemnity insurance as well as Employers and Public liability, so you’re covered if anything goes wrong while working with a client.

We also give you access to Private Banking, through our partners Cater Allen, and can set your business bank account up in no time.

Apply online now, or call us to speak to one of our advisers on 020 3805 5135 

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