Contract Job: Let’s talk about how to get one quickly

24th July 2018

Contractors are facing difficulties landing their next job. We decided to help you find the best contract job quickly and successfully. 

In our most recent survey, we found that one of the challenges that contract workers, freelancers and self-employed people are facing is the uncertainty of their next contract job.

“Not knowing when my next gig will come” is the most common reply we received. Therefore, we thought we would help you pitch your professional abilities to successfully find the next contract job.

Contract workers need to have a different approach when applying for contract positions vs. full-time positions. The wrong strategy could mean long unpaid gaps between contracts.

Applying the correct strategy for finding contract work will ensure your periods between contracts are minimal if any, and that you are earning the market contract rate.

Contract vacancies, in particular, are quite quick to fill. Usually, candidates walk away from an interview with an offer to start work within a few days. That’s why a candidate should have their professional experience and knowledge ready to present at any time. Before attending an interview, you should remember the three P’s (Preparation, Preparation, Preparation)!

Contractors turning up to job interviews poorly prepared are unlikely to progress their application for contract work. To prepare for an interview find out the basics like the interview location, transport links and parking. Research the client, what they do, their requirements and their latest news. Interviewees must ensure they don’t waste time and should ask directly for the project, close the deal and emerge from the interview with an offer for the contract work.  Sounds easy right!

Good enough for a lift interview


Metaphorically, imagine you are in a lift. You get into the lift on the seventh floor, and surprisingly you meet your next potential employer. You have one minute to convince them that you are the best person for the contract vacancy they are currently recruiting for.

Practising your “lift interview” will help you focus on the main selling points and will get you fully prepared to wow the interviewer with a concise, focused and clear motivation to work for their company.

The decision to hire a contractor will be made in most of the cases after one interview. In high demand areas, you could be offered the position on the spot. Employers typically decide to hire someone just a few weeks before they are needed, and they generally are required to start work ‘yesterday’. This shorter lead time means that finding a contract should be quick as you should not have to wait, so long as the hiring process plays out.

Brushing up your CV for a contract job


contract job CV

Brushing up you CV for a contract job


Write a great CV that highlights your skills and experience as a contractor – this will help you find a more lucrative contract.

It is likely that you will be applying for multiple roles that might focus on various aspects of your skill set. To give yourself the best chance of success you should target your application accordingly. You need to:


  • Rewrite/target your CV to match the skills required for a particular contract role
  • Write a targeted email for the position


Writing many different versions of your CV can be time-consuming to start with, but you’ll soon build up a collection of different versions.






Contract job hunting daily routine

When you wake up:

  • Call agencies that you sent applications to yesterday.
  • Chase up any agents who called you for a contract position from the previous days.
  • Keep an eye on the job websites for suitable positions that have been added since yesterday.
  • Apply directly for companies that you’ve always wanted to work for.

After lunch:

  • Call agencies that you made applications to in the morning.
  • Contact directly the agents for the position you’ve already applied for in the morning.
  • Open the job websites again; there could be new contract positions added since the morning.
  • Send off email applications.


If you can get a job during your short trip in the lift, there is nothing to stop you from getting that next gig. When you get it, we can help you settle into your contractor position easily  

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