How to Effectively Manage your Time as a Recruiter

16th December 2016

It’s not always the recruiter who works the longest hours who is the most successful; the most successful individuals in the recruiting profession know where to place their focus on a consistent basis.

If your recruiting and hiring results are inconsistent, then planning and segmenting your day is the solution as you’ll be able to:

  • Understand your top priorities faster and manage them more effectively.
  • Eliminate the time wasting tasks (and candidates) that will distract you.
  • Focus on important versus urgent tasks

Here’s how you can start doing this:

1. Make a daily list of your six top priorities

Before you leave work for the evening, write down the six things you need to accomplish in preparation for the next day, which are not optional but mandatory. You’ll then need to make a commitment to complete these and force yourself to develop the habit of planning.

2. Determine when you need results

In order to consistently hit or outdo the goals you set, you need to know and understand what results you need on a daily basis and cut out the tasks that are less impactful to your day, which will ultimately distract you. So basically, figure out the 20% of what you’re doing that provides you with 80% of your production and focus more time on that 20%.

3. Focus on your outgoing calls

It’s your planned outgoing calls that will help you achieve your next level of productivity and income, so have a firm plan on which outgoing calls you need to make for the entire day before you arrive at work.

4. Speak to 20 new people a day

By setting this target, it will ensure that you are reaching out to new talent on a daily basis. And this doesn’t include voicemails or talking to the same hiring authorities and candidates repeatedly!

5. Score your candidates

It’s important to know the difference between a weak candidate and a valuable candidate, so the time efficient way to identify this is to measure their value based on important factors that will make it a quick and easy process for both parties. These factors will include their availability, flexibility, experience and skill-attractiveness to clients.

6. Deal with the correct payroll providers

Working with a provider who understands you and your candidates needs will not only be beneficial to your time management and give you longer to spend on priority tasks, but will offer you the most appropriate payroll arrangements for your business and your contractors, and also include compliance, on-boarding and contracts support.

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