Managing your costs and risks

We specialise in managing the business and administrative tasks related to employment, including payroll, compliance, contracts and employee benefit administration.

Our expertise lies in working with businesses with complex employment situations consisting of a mixture of full-time, temporary and flexible workers, or with employees located around the world.

Payroll Management

Our Payroll Management service is capable of administering payroll for small or large volumes of workers across different work and pay arrangements – whether employed, self-employed, shift workers or contractors.

We understand the demands of different arrangements and can cover the end-to-end process of on-boarding workers, including everything from contracts, compliance (CBR, right-to-work, visas, licenses), on-boarding, time-sheets, and contract terminations.

For contract workers, we can take into account non-conventional payroll issues such as management of working week, standard working hours, rest & break periods and overtime rules.

Compliance Management

For sectors and organizations that operate with strict guidelines relating to compliance and suitability of workers, we have developed a bespoke Compliance Management solution to help you manage these highly administrative task more easily. We provide a full service to manage compliance across your workforce, including;

  • Worker classification – General characteristics of engagement by country, including IR35 and SDC guidance.
  • Right to work – Visas, permits and other required document support.
  • Engagement type and tenure – Contracts, Co-employment issues (including guidelines to help assess risk) and worker history checks.
  • Supplier/intermediary due diligence – Typical engagement types and tax structure, and document guidelines.

We operate in accordance with industry specific rules as well as country-specific legislation such as AWR, IR35 intermediaries legislation, Travel and subsistence rules, Onshore/offshore legislation, Reform of Employment Agencies Act 1973 and Conduct Regulations 2003 and Pensions auto-enrolment.


Our services help you manage your employment costs and your business risk.

Managing costs

Managing staff across different work and pay arrangements is complex, administrative and can be expensive.  It results in process inefficiencies and often leads to hiring workers on inappropriate and costly arrangements.  We manage the administration of these complex staffing arrangements efficiently and cost-effectively.

Managing risk

The legislation around employing independent or flexible workers is ever-evolving and increasingly onerous. If you use contract, self-employed or freelance workers in your organisation, you are exposed to potential risks, both from an employment and tax perspective. We ensure your contracts and payroll practices are administered accurately and in compliance with tax and employment legislation to mitigate those risks, giving you peace of mind.