Services to facilitate your flexible workforce

Our services help you manage employment costs and mitigate business risk when engaging with flexible workers.

Many companies choose to adopt a flexible workforce, requiring staff on-demand and calling on workers to deliver on key projects. Managing staff across different work and pay arrangements is complex, administrative and can be expensive. It can results in inefficiencies and often leads to organisations engaging workers on inappropriate and costly arrangements.

Our expertise like in managing the administration of these complex staffing arrangements efficiently and cost-effectively. We work alongside employers to mitigate the challenges of working with a flexible workforce through specialist services that not only take away the administrative burden, but also provide workers with employment rights and benefits such as health care and insurances, which helps enhance your employment experience and employer brand.

Tax and employment legislation related to employing a flexible workforce is ever-evolving and onerous, while the growth in the gig economy has mounted pressure on businesses to provide workers access to rights typically reserved for traditional employees.  If you use contract, self-employed or freelance workers in your organisation, you are exposed to potential risks and increased costs, both from an employment and tax perspective. We ensure your contracts and payroll practices are administered accurately and in compliance with tax and employment legislation to mitigate those risks, giving you peace of mind.

Our services include;

Employment Services

Our employment services are particularly suited to businesses that adopt a diverse workforce with employees and self-employed/flexible workers.

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Payroll & Compliance Management

Managing payroll and compliance, legislative requirements for small or large volumes of workers across different work and pay arrangements – whether employed, self-employed, shift workers or contractors.

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