Helping you get more from your work

We provide market leading services for flexible workers, wherever you are in the world:

  • Contractors, freelancers & consultants
  • Self employed
  • Temps & part-time workers
  • Those working a second/part-time job while employed elsewhere
  • Those working overseas as a contractor, consultant or self-employed professional
  • Entrepreneurs working for themselves

We have put together a range of services to give you more security and confidence when working on a flexible basis.

That means as well as helping you with your pay and tax, we provide you with fundamental employment rights and benefits normally reserved for full time employees, as well as healthcare, professional and personal insurances and help setting up bank accounts.  And we work to suit your lifestyle with things like advance payments, for the occasions it’s needed, online portals to help you manage your affairs and fast track set ups.

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Our services include:

Contractor Employment

The flexibility of working as a contractor with the benefits of being a full-time employee. We manage your invoicing, credit control, tax and provide you with a range of employment benefits.

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Contractor Accountancy

A professional accounting service for long-term contract workers.  We provide you with a dedicated accountant to provide expert support on your income tax, pay and VAT, and an online portal with mobile app to manage your finances 24 hours a day.

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CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) Sole Trader

A fully compliant Sole Trader service delivered by our construction industry specialists. We  take care of  your invoicing, credit control and CIS tax as well as covering you under our Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Personal Accident Insurance policies.

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Self-employment +

No standard self-employment service.  We help manage your personal and work-related taxes as well as your invoicing, payroll and keep you insured while working with clients.

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International Contract Management

Bespoke solutions  for international workers, tailored to the appropriate tax jurisdiction.  We will advise you on your options for the country you intend to work and support you for the length of your international contract work, including visas, payroll and contracts.

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Other support services

We provide insurance, employment benefits, contract reviews and guidance on your employment status including IR35 and Supervision, Direction & Control.

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Still not sure which one is for you?

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