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What's been happening at Walker Smith

Are you going to make the tax return deadline?

If you’re among the £5 million taxpayers who need to file a tax return and have yet to do so; time is of the essence! The deadline of January 31st […]

17th January 2018

Customer Survey Results

Thanks to everyone that took part in our customer satisfaction survey at the end of 2017. We received more responses than we have ever had before and we really appreciate […]

2nd January 2018

A day in the life of a freelancer

Have you have been considering leaving your permanent job and setting up as a freelancer? If you have you might be interested to find out what a typical freelancer’s day […]

13th December 2017

Office Christmas Party for one?

Not even a week into December and Christmas party season is well and truly upon us. Who doesn’t love the office Christmas “do”, partying the night away with the people […]

6th December 2017

Naming your company

You’ve decided to go for it and start your own company; congratulations! So, what are you going to call it? There are a number of things to think about when […]

10th November 2017

Finding the right contractor accountant

Once you have made the decision to set up a limited company, selecting an accountant is normally the next logical step.  At this stage it would be wise to choose […]

8th November 2017

Using linked to grow your business as a contractor

Whether you find your work through recruiters or use your own network to find work directly with clients, LinkedIn cannot be underestimated for its ability to generate new business for […]

2nd November 2017

Are you ready for the Criminal Finances Act 2017?

The Criminal Finances act comes into force at the end of September, so now is the time to protect your business. The main part of the Act that will impact […]

18th September 2017

How to Effectively Manage your Time as a Recruiter

It’s not always the recruiter who works the longest hours who is the most successful; the most successful individuals in the recruiting profession know where to place their focus on […]

16th December 2016

Five Reasons Why You Need an Accountant in your Life

When you’re running your own business, it’s inevitable that you’ll end up juggling different roles, however accounts doesn’t have to be one of them. Hiring an accountant is one investment […]

16th December 2016
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